SensNews March 2020

Sensor100 Page 2 From the Editor It has been a few months since I have written one of these editorials. The first two months of this year were occupied with planning two Sensor100 conferences for 2020, which involved several partners and as a result decisions dragged on a bit - no offence intended to the people involved - probably mostly my fault anyway. Then - you don’t need me to say what happened in March this year. The familiar email opening line “I hope you are well” suddenly took on an all too realistic mean- ing. My email box, and no doubt yours, has been inundated with advice, how com- panies plan to continue services, event postponements and cancellations, as well as messages from those who see this as an opportunity to make a fast buck. It seemed like a good idea for Sensor100 to review what is happening in the coro- navirus diagnostic test industry. It turns out that there are around 200 suppliers of coronavirus test kits ( FIND ) worldwide, so it’s not practical for us to review them all; we decided to restrict the review to major suppliers and those in the news. Na- ively, we thought a couple of pages would be enough; sadly that turned out not to be the case and it became difficult to know where to stop. So we have drawn a red line at the end of March, and wysiwyg. If we have missed someone or something, let us know. It is unlikely that this newsletter will be the end of the story. Coming back to Sensor100 conferences, we had scheduled a conference on Can- cer Diagnostic Technology for April, then moved that to June. Now that is looking hopelessly optimistic, so we have not yet rescheduled the event - watchful waiting is the medical term. If you have registered for this conference, we will be writing to you with your options. Sensors in Medicine 2020 is provisionally scheduled for 22- 23 September, but we will continue to watch covid-19 developments. Finally a heartfeltl word of appreciation to all those front-line staff dealing with those infected, and to the people who are supplying food and medicine to all of us. May you, your family, friends and colleagues stay well. Michael Brand