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Zimmer and Peacock is an active participant at SFA 18 as we know that sensors, infield testing and continuous monitoring are already with us from: airbags, to tyre pressure, to environmental monitoring, to glucose monitoring in diabetics. The Food and Agriculture industry is part of this sensing revolution and is an industry that understands that if you can't measure it then you can't control it and so the industry’s adoption of new sensing technologies has increased and is increasing.
The modus operandi in the food and agriculture industry was traditionally that testing may not have been done so often, or biological and chemical tests may have been done in remote laboratories, but technologies such as the home-use glucose meter have proven that the routine testing at the point of need is: easy, lower-cost and allows for real-time informed decisions.
Zimmer and Peacock will be attending the SFA 18 to ensure we are understand the new technologies in development for the Food and Agriculture Industry, and to understand how we can contribute to these new technologies.
Dr. Martin Peacock, Founding Director, Zimmer & Peacock

The SIFAA Conference, with a balance of good speakers, excellent content, and valuable networking opportunities, has been of great commercial benefit
Leonie Hilliard, European Sales Manager, BioDot

I attended the 2016 Sensors in Food and Agriculture Conference and it really highlighted to me the huge opportunity (and challenges that need solving) the food and agriculture supply chains provide for the sensor community.  As the chief strategy officer of the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group at the time, the conference put the focus on what sensing capabilities exist today and more importantly what is needed for tomorrow to address these enormous markets.  Michael Brand has a knack of bringing together a diverse set of excellent speakers and attendees from academia, research institutes and industry making this a must attend event for anyone in the sensor ecosystem. 
Stephen Whalley, former director of sensors at Intel and CSO at MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (now part of SEMI)

Meeting some great innovators and finding new opportunities at
Sensors in Ag conference
@Sensor100AgTech #agritech #cowtech @smartbellio

Andy Frame @andyframe_arm

Indeed I enjoyed Sensors in Food & Agriculture 2016, thank you for organising such an interesting event! I hope to be back to one of your conferences soon.
Dr. Martin Tscherner, Joanneum Research, Austria