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Wednesday 18h July

08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Introduction and welcome
09:10 Keynote address: So you want to use IoT in Agri?
Prof. Julie McCann, Imperial College London
AESE: Adaptive Emergent Systems Group
Crop Production
10:00 Automated detection of plant pathogens in the field - the future of precision agriculture
Dr. Kevin King, Rothamstead Research
10:30 3D Multispectral imaging systems for near range plant and fruit trait assessment
William Averdieck, Fotenix Limited
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 High definition soil sensor system HD-S3
Prof. Peter Wilson, University of Bath
12:00 Non-intrusive insect monitoring using LIDAR, from counting to classification
Klas Rydhmer, FaunaPhotonics ApS
12:30 Exhibitor Elevator Pitches:
Arosa Instruments; Biodot: Zimmer&Peacock
13:00 Lunch
Crop Production Continued
14:00 Precision Farming: Practical Application
Ed Plowman, Hummingbird Technologies
14:30 Sensors for reporting soil nitrogen availability
Prof. Tony Miller, John Innes Centre
15:00 Multispectral Imaging in Agriculture
Isobel Ashbey, Cambridge Consultants
15:20 Targeted Detection of Zymoseptoria tritici in Triticum
Chris Adams, Imperial College Silwood Park
15:40 Tea break
16:00 Heterogeneous agricultural autonomous robotic platform:HAARP
Dr. Pejman Iravani, University of Bath
16:30 Development of an automated smart trap for wheat pathogen detection
Dr. Daniel McCluskey, University of Hertfordshire
17:00 Lessons learnt from smart sensing in agriculture
AntonyYousefian, 30MHz
17:30 Applications of IoT in agriculture in developing countries
Dr. Foysol Chowdhury, BRAC University
18:00 Networking Reception
20:00 Reception ends


Thursday 19 July

08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Introduction and welcome
09:10 Keynote address: Biosensing devices for animal fertility and disease monitoring
Dr. Eithne Dempsey, Maynooth University, IE
Food Production
10:00 The development of a Chilli Hotness Meter - Scoville Meter
Dr. Martin Peacock, Zimmer and Peacock
10:30 Rancidity of coconut cream
Charles Veys, Arosa
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Monitoring spoilage of meats with 'zero-cost' paper-based gas sensors
Dr. Firat G├╝der, Imperial College London
12:00 Utilising machine learning and IoT solutions to improve livestock health and welfare
Dr. Jasmeet Kaler, University of Nottingham
13:00 Lunch
Animal Welfare
14:00 Exhibitor Elevator Pitches:
Hamamatsu; IBST; KTN
14:30 Biosensors for real-time monitoring of biohazards and disease in aquaculture
Dr. Ian Johnston, University of Hertfordshire
15:00 Sensor orientation for the indication of lameness in sheep
Zainab Al-Rubaye, University of Northampton
15:30 Tea break
16:00 Concluding Remarks & Poster Awards
Dr. Michael Brand, Sensor100
17:00 Conference closes