Dr. Michael Brand
Captum Capital Limited

Dr. Stuart Hendry
Sphere Medical Technology Limited

Dr. Danny O'Hare
Imperial College


Sensors in Medicine 2013

Wellcome Collection, Euston Road, London NW12BE
6th and 7th March 2013

There is a revolution taking place in medical diagnostic practice. Developments in biosensors, MEMS, microfluidics and nanotechnology now make it feasible to measure many clinically significant parameters quickly, inexpensively and without the need for highly qualified medical technologists. Clinical diagnosis is moving from the laboratory to the patient's bedside and into the home.


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Invited Speakers

Point of Care Diagnostics

Future Technology

Breath Analysis
Wearable Sensors

Dr. Paru Deshpande, Imec
ProfessorCalum McNeil, Newcastle University
Professor Tony Cass, Imperial College
Professor Alexei Kornyshev, Imperial College
Professor Terence Risby, Johns Hopkins University
Professor Chris van Hoof, Imec

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