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Tuesday 3rd October

Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Care


Sensors in diabetes-where are we now and where are we going?

Professor Tony Cass
Department of Chemistry
Imperial College, London


Continuous glucose monitoring for everyone – what are the barriers and solutions for broad adoption of this key technology

Dr. Ben Hwang
Profusa Inc.



Wednesday 4th October

Infectious Disease Diagnosis and Point of Care


Point-of-Care testing: the key to new models of care

Professor Christopher Price
Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences
University of Oxford


Stop-and-go control of liquid flow in microfluidics for flexible applications in mobile healthcare diagnostics

Dr. Yulieth Cristina Arango
Experimental Biosciences Group
IBM Research, Zurich



Origami enabling paper-based nucleic acid tests for the diagnosis of infectious disease in Uganda and India

Prof. Jonathan Cooper
Wolfson Chair of Bioengineering
University of Glasgow


Personalised antimicrobial dosing: Towards a minimally invasive device for antibiotic monitoring in humans

Dr. Timothy Rawson
Imperial College, London
NIHR Health Protection Research Unit



Thursday 5th October

Cancer Diagnosis: Liquid Biopsy and Breath Analysis


Hot Air or Hot Trail? Nanotechnology for Diagnosis Cancer from Exhaled Breath

Professor Hossam Haick
Department of Chemical Engineering
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology


Targeted circulating tumour DNA profiling in early stage lung cancer

Dr. Chris Abbosh
TRACERx Clinical Fellow
University College, London

van der Schee

Breath biopsy for early stage cancer detection

Dr. Marc van der Schee
Lead Clinical Research Scientist
Owlstone Medical Ltd.




Dr. Vincent Plagnol
Division of Biosciences
University College, London

Inivata Ltd.