SensNews June 2020

Sensor100 2020 4 From the Editor... A belated happy Independence Day to American readers. When I lived in Boston MA, I was the founding president of an organization now called the British American Business Council of New England. Facetiously, we referred to July 4th as British Thanksgiving. I recall the poor guy who was British Consul General at the time had to attend a re-enactment battle held annually in Lexington, at which the British redcoats were soundly defeated. "Glorious in defeat" was the best he could come up with. The lockdown is easing around the world as politicians struggle to revive economies, knowing full well, albeit not admitting, that the virus is as viru- lent as ever. Second waves are appearing in hot spots, but it remains to be seen if this turns into a full scale return to the earlier infection rate. At Sensor100, we are working on turning our conference series into vir- tual events. In keeping with the high standard we have always aimed for in our events, we would like this to be more than a Zoom meeting of the loyal supporters of our conferences. In particular, it gives us an oppor- tunity to significantly widen our audience, as they will no longer need to travel to London. It is all taking longer than expected, but we will keep you posted as and when developments happen. Stay well, Kind regards Michael Brand Sensor People