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Tuesday 24th March: New Sensor Technology

08:30 am Registration and coffee
09:00 am Introduction
Keynote address: Connected, continuous & co-ordinated: how mHealth improves standards of care and outcomes
Thomas Olesen, Qualcomm Life
  Digital Health
09:45 am Common Sense: Which markets will sensors support in the new mobile health ecosystem?
Dr. Mike Short CBE, Telefonica
10:25 am Wearable technologies for remote diagnosis of respiratory conditions
Dr. Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, Imperial College
11:00 am Coffee break
11:30 am Wearable sensors for disease-specific data collection in clinical trials - a pharma approach
Dr. Luis Garcia-Gancedo, GSK
11:55 am Pervasive actigraphy and EEG monitoring for multiple sclerosis
Prof. Yi-ke Guo, Imperial College
12:20 pm How to identify clinically valuable sensor and data monitoring companies
Dr. Saif Abed, Abed Graham Healthcare
12:45 pm Elevator Pitches: Scienion; Hamamatsu Photonics; KTN
01:00 pm Lunch
  Advanced Sensor Technology
02:00 pm Lab on a chip in medicine
Prof. Wouter Olthius, University of Twente
02:35 pm Sensors for monitoring kidney and liver function
Prof. Ciara O'Sullivan, Universitat Rovira i Virgili
03:10 pm Planar integrated waveguide based mid-infrared sensing for medical applications
Prof. Steve Madden, Australian National University
03:45 pm Tea break
04:15pm CHEMFETS in medicine: why didn't they make it -yet?
Prof. Jiri Janata, Georgia Institute of Technology
05:00 pm Panel discussion: Technology Push vs Clinical Pull
06:00 pm Reception
08:00 pm Reception ends

Wednesday 25th March: Clinical Applications

08:30 am Registration and coffee
09:00 am Introduction
Keynote address: Sensing for in-vitro diagnostics - quo vadis?
Dr. Oliver Hayden, Siemens AG Corporate Technology
  Sensors for Cancer
09:45 am Early diagnosis; our greatest opportunity
Dr. David Jenkinson, Cancer Research Technology
10:10 am Diagnosing cancer by volatiles in breath and urine
Billy Boyle, Owlstone
10:35 am 2D SERS substrates for ultrasensitive detection of multiple genetic leukemia biomarkers
Silvia Picciolini, Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi ONLUS
10:55 am Detection of breast cancer 1 (BRCA1) gene using an electrochemical DNA biosensor based on immobilised ZnO nanaowires
Zainiharyati Mohd Zain, UiTM Shah Alam
11:15 am Coffee break
  Wearable Sensors
11: 30 am Smart non-wovens and textiles for pH monitoring on skin and wounds
Dr. Gerhard Mohr, Joanneum
11:50 am Smart bandage for remote monitoring of temperature and the moisture content of wounds
Pasindu Lugoda, Nottingham Trent University
12:10 pm Evaluation of use of wearable sensor garment in home screening for sleep apnea events
Dr. Aymen Ben Azouz, Dublin City University
12:30 pm Fall-Safe Assist - New sensor technology for detecting falls - infallibly
The Hon. William Beckett, Hip Impact Protection
12:45 pm Elevator Pitches: Biodot; NIHR; Mewburn Ellis; COMSOL
01:00 pm Lunch
  Sensors for Infectious Diseases
02:00 pm The Longitude Prize
Joshua Ryan-Saha, NESTA
02:20 pm TB or not TB? QuantuMDx has the answer. The future in Point of care diagnostics
Dr. Chris Adams, QuantuMDx
02:40 pm A truly hand held, rapid, quantitative Point of Care system for infectious disease diagnosis in resource limited settings
Timothy Dwyer, AgPlus Diagnostics

03:00 pm Sound Diagnostics - Multiplexed Testing for Infectious Diseases
Prof. Jon Cooper, University of Glasgow
03:40 pm Tea break
  Clinical Applications
04:00 pm Point of care breath test for diagnosing and managing complications in diabetes integrated for mHealth applications
Dr. Victor Higgs, Applied Nanodetectors
04:25 pm Fast and easy methods for real-time piezoelectric biosensor
Dr. Nicoletta Giamblanco, University of Catania
04:50 pm Poster Awards
05:00 pm Conference closes

Unavoidable changes in program may be made without prior announcement

Thursday 26th March: Workshop

Workshop: Medical Device Clinical Trials