Innovation in Early Diagnosis

In the search for faster and more sensitive cancer diagnostic techniques, imaging combined with AI has proven most sucessful and is in clinical use. There are a wide range of other technollgies in various stages of development between lab and clinical trials. The objective of CDT23 to review cancer diagnostic technologies other than imaging: liquid and breath biopsy, biomarkers in urine, biosensor technology. Recognising the innovation pathway from lab to clinic, the conference will include commercial as well as academic developments.

Conference Topics

Liquid biopsy for single and multile biomarkers

Breath biomarkers

Biomarkers in urine and other body fluids

Biosensors for single and multiple biomarkers

AI and data mining

Accelerating pathway from lab to clinic


Call for Papers

Submit abstacts

Abstracts are invited for presentations on any of the conference topics.

Please submit a 200 word abstract to Abstracts will be reviewed by the conference organising committee and authors notified with 2 weeks. Deadline for submission: 27th October.


Registration will open in October 2023


The conference will take place online, to facilitate participation by a global audience. Provisional timing is from 10:00am to 6:00pm each day (GMT).

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