Tuesday 5th March

Sensors for Infectious Diseases- Chair: Dr Timothy Rawson

08:30 Registration and coffee    
09:00 Dr Miles Rawson Imperial College Introduction
09:10 Prof Rachel McKendry UCL/iSense Working across and beyond traditional scientific disciplines: the i-sense ESPRC IRC
10 year anniversary lecture
09:40 Prof Fabiana Arduini Tor Vergata University/

Paper-based point-of-care devices from academia to the market

10:10 Prof Mohammed Zourob Alfaisal University An integrated and rapid biosensor for the detection of infectious agents
10:40 Prof Nicole Pamme Stockholm University tba
11:10 Break    
11:30 Panel discussion    
12:30 Exhibitor pitches    
13:00 Break    
Sensors in Resource Limited Environments
13:30 Prof Jon Cooper University of Glasgow

Digital Diagnostics – Informing Healthcare Provision in Rural Under-served Community Settings in Rural East Africa

14:10 Prof Pedro Estrela Universisty of Bath Biosensors and Lab-on-Chip Devices for HIV Management in Low-Resource Settings
14:40 Prof Zhugen Yang Cranfield University

Sensing wastewater for real-time public health

15:10 Dr Dumitru Ulieru S.C.SITEX 45 S.R.L The innovative integration conept of non-invasive breath testing instrumentation for
early detection of tropical diseases
15:30 Break    
15:50 Dr Catherine Kirbirige Imperial College Developing and Field Testing an  HIV-1 Point-of-Care Early Diagnosis and  Treatment-Monitoring System for Resource Constrained Settings.
16:30 Poster presentations M Leonor Soares | Ellen Stadler | Alwin Verschueren
18:00 Session ends    

Wednesday 6th March

Wearable, Implantable and Ingestible Sensors - Chair:  Dr Noe Brasier

09:00 Dr Noe Brasier ETH Zurich Introduction
09:10 Dr Can Dincer University of Freiberg Wearable sensors for exhaled breath analysis
09:40 Prof Ali Yetsin Imperial College  
10:10 Dr Sanjiv Sharma University of Swansea Subdermal wearable patches for simultaneous metabolite monitoring
10:40 Dr Firat Guder Imperial College Textile-based wearable sensors by computerised embroidery
11:10 Break    
11:30 Prof CT Lim National University of Singapore Wearable Sensors and Haptics for AI Healthcare and the Health Metaverse. 
12:00 Dr Julian Kirby Scienion UK Metheods, tools and approaches to scaling-up production of sensors and point-of-care tests
12:30 Exhibitor pitches    
13:00 Break    

Sensors for Sweat Analysis

13:30 Poster presentations   Mohammed Nabil Abo-Zeid | Nur Fahana Hamzah | Sunil Luhar
14:30 Panel discussion    
15:30 Break    
16:20 Dr Juliane Sempionatto Caltech Wearable electrochemical sensors for non-invasive health monitoring
18:00 Session ends  

Thursday 7th March

Advances in Biosensor Technology - Chair: Dr Miichael Brand

09:00 Dr Michael Brand Sensor100 Inroduction
09:10 Prof Chris Van Hoof imec

Precision snacking, precision digestion and biosensing@home: new and future tools for early signaling and behavior change – from intake to exit

10:10 Prof Shimaa Eissa Khalifa University Graphene-based electrochemical biosensors for diagnostics
11:00 Dr Kenny  Cardenas Imperial College Molecular diagnostics using paper-based technology
11:30 Break    
12:00 Dr Larysa Baraban Helmholtz Zentrum

Sensor platform for the cancer diagnostics and therapy.

12:30 Prof Tony Cass Imperial College Microneedle sensors - beyond glucose
13:00 Break    


15:30 Break    
16:30 Panel discussion
17:30 Concluding remarks; Poster Competition winners announced
18:00 Confrence ends