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Cancer is a ubiquitous disease affecting 1 in 2 of us.

In almost 50% of cases it is diagnosed at the later stage 3 or 4, where the probability of a cure is significantly reduced.

There is an urgent worldwide need for earlier stage diagnostic tools

The application of biosensors and related technology including liquid biopsies and sequencing are beginning to emerge as possible diagnostic tools for cancer

Following Sensor100's Workshop Biosensors for Cancer Diagnosis in 2016, this Conference will bring together academic researchers, clinicians and the medical device industry to explore the current and future opportunities for the application of biosensors and other technology in the diagnosis of cancer


Issues the Conference will explore include:

Why Attend the Conference

Developing early stage, non-invasive, low cost, sensitive and accurate diagnostic tests for cancer is among the world's great technological challenges. Development of biosensors for screening for cancer, or at least its most common forms, would represent the greatest humanitarian and commercial achievement of sensor technology

The Conference will be of value to academic and commercial researchers in sensors and cancer biology, medical device companies, oncologists, pharmaceutical companies, research funding organisations

You are invited to participate in this ground breaking Conference, which could lead to a quantum shift in cancer diagnosis

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