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Monday 22nd May

08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Introduction and welcome
09:10 Keynote address: Microfluidic probe for multi-modal cancer diagnostics
Dr. Aditya Kashyap, IBM Research, Zurich
  Session: Sensors for molecular to cellular biomarkers
10:00 Electrochemically activated templated reactions for detecting circulating RNA
Dr. Danny O'Hare, Imperial College, London
10:30 Superselective glycan recognition as a powerful diagnostic tool for cancer detection
Dr Stefano Tommasone, University of Birmingham
11:00 Coffee break

Bio-inspired Sensors for Better Cancer Diagnosis
Dr. Samar Damiati, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

12:00 Using opto-magnetic imaging spectroscopy and artificial intelligence to diagnose cancer
Aamir Butt, Tumourtrace
13:00 Lunch
  Session: VOC Sensors
14:00 Detection of cancer through gas phase biomarkers
Dr. James Covington, University of Warwick
14:40 Breath Biopsy for Early Stage Cancer Detection
Dr. Mike Murphy, Owlstone Medical
15:30 Tea break
16:00 Screening, early detection, diagnostic pathways in cancer
Dr. Fiona Walter, University of Cambridge
16:45 Panel discussion: Will sensor technology have a role in cancer therapy?
18:00 Networking reception: open bar
20:00 Reception ends


Tuesday 23rd May 2017

08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Introduction and welcome
09:10 Keynote address: Testing Times: Progress and challenges in achieving earlier diagnosis of cancer
Sara Bainbridge, CRUK
  Session: Liquid biopsy
10:00 Targeted circulating tumour DNA profiling in early stage lung cancer
Dr. Chris Abbosh, Francis Crick Institute
11:00 Coffee break
  Session: NGS for cancer diagnosis
11:30 Reinventing liquid biopsy research using Next Generation Sequencing
Chris Allen, ThermoFisher
12:15 Pending
13:00 Lunch
  Session: Barriers to adopting new technology
14:00 Bridging the gap between biosensor invention and biosensor commercialisation
Dr. Martin Peacock, Zimmer and Peacock
14:45 Tea break
15:15 BioSensors for cancer diagnosis – reality or dream
Dr. Michael Brand, Sensor100
16:00 Discussion: The role of the Cancer Diagnostic Network
17:00 Conference ends