Dr. Michael Brand
Captum Capital Limited

Dr. Stuart Hendry

Dr. Danny O'Hare
Imperial College

Dr. Michael Pringle
formerly Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

Professor Chris van Hoof

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Sensors in Medicine 2014

Royal Geographic Society, I Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR 25th and 26th March 2014

Sensor applications in medical diagnosis are growing at an astonishing rate.  Twenty five years ago, these applications were limited to laboratory measurement of blood gases and electrolytes.  Today biosensors are used in a variety of ways to monitor glucose in diabetes, detect and diagnose cancer and infectious diseases; new applications appear almost daily.  Linking sensors to mobile phone technology has made wearable sensors a reality, allowing individuals to monitor not only chronic diseases, but also their lifestyle as a key input to preventative medicine.

Sensors in Medicine 2014 will highlight the most innovative application of sensors in medicine, and promote the adoption of these new technologies by bridging academic, clinical and commercial worlds. 

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