Food Chain Sensing Technology

How sensors increase productivity, detect pathogens and more.

Modern sensor technology is having an increasingly positive impact on all stages of food production from agriculture through animal welfare and veterinary medicine to food quality control and pathogen detection. Technologies employed range from hyperspectral imaging using drones to inground sensors for water and soil nutrients to Point-of-Care sensors for identifying pathogens in animals and food. Data analysis is utilised for imaging, IoT networks, with AI and Blockchain fulfilling essential roles. The control of the impact of agriculture and food production on the environment are now ecognised requirements where sensors play an essential role.

Sensor Applications

  Crop monitoring Food pathogens
  Animal welfare Water contaminants
  Veterinary medicine Environment monitoring
  Blockchain in food production AI in food chain sensing


The STFT23 Conference objectives

1. Focus attention on exisiting applications of sensor technology in the food chain, and companies which support these applications, through a virtual conference and associated media coverage. Technology providers encompass multi-national organisations through early stage start-up companies.
2. Identify sensor related research activities which have the potential to increase food chain productivity.
3. Provide an opportunity for graduate students to participate in an international conference through a Poster competition.

Call for papers

Submit a 200 word Abstract by 12 May on any of the above topics, or a related topic.

The top 20 Poster Abstracts (submit100 words) will be selected to present during the conference; all Posters will be entered into a delegate judged competition.

Companies active in the Food & Agriculture sensor sector in addition to presenting at the Conference may also have a virtual Exhibit Booth, offering opportunities to display videos, promotional material, special offers, tutorials, delegate interactions and other advantages. A webinar will be arranged to explain how companies can best utilised the on-line web platform.



Organising Committee

Dr. Michael Brand, Sensor100

Prof. Katerina Campbell, , Queens University Belfast

Steve Whalley, Stratgeic World Ventures, Phoenix USA


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