Tuesday 11th July    
10:00 AM Dr Firat G├╝der Imperial College London Low-Cost Intelligent Sensor Interfaces for Food and Agriculture
10:30 AM Dr Rui Martins INESC TEC Intelligent Photonics for Farm to Fork Sustainability
11:00 AM Dr Bingyuan Lu University of Southampton In situ monitoring of nutrients in soil and plant with novel droplet microfluidic-based analysers
11:30 AM Break    
11:45 AM Dr. Tim Gibson RoboScientific Roboscientific Automatic Monitoring for Early Disease Detection in Poultry and Livestock
12:15 PM Dr Azam Khodadadi Findaso Company Covering the gaps in accessing cutting-edge sensing technologies in the food industry; The important role of Online Tech Platforms.
12:45 PM Poster Session Sara Gaspar | Rahek Gruenberger | Nor Ain Shahera Khairi | Amna Rafiq | Maha Shalaby | Luhar Sunil
1:00 PM Break    
1:30 PM Dr Phil Nicholas Sun Chemical Biosensors - For Processed Potatoes
2:00 PM Neeti Viswanathan Zimmer & Peacock Sensor to API in the Food and Beverage World
2:30 PM Dirk Demuth Kromek Group plc Fully automated pathogen identification in environmental samples through non-targeted field-based long read sequencing
3:00 PM Break    
3:15 PM Prof Qingshan Wei North Carolina State University Multifunctional patch offers early detection of plant diseases
3:45 PM Andrew Uden HerdDogg Management Enhancements From Smart Diagnostics on Cattle
4:15 PM Prof Katrina Campbell Queen's University Belfast  SMART Biosensors - the future for food and feed analysis
4:45 PM Prof Nicole Pamme University of Stockholm Sensing soil nutrients in resource-limited settings
5:15 PM Poster Awards & Conclusion
5:30 PM Conference Ends