Sweat Analysis

Chair: Dr. Noe Brasier

14:00 Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz Professor Emeritus EPFL, CH Why is sweat sensing so hard?
14:40 Prof. Dr. Christopher Gerner University of Vienna, AT Establishing finger sweat analysis as novel tool supporting deep phenotyping
15:10 Dr. Juliane Sempionatto CalTech, US Wearable electrochemical sensors for non-invasive health monitoring
15:40 Break    
16:00 WeCare Project Team
Dr. Mathieu Saubade
University Hospital Lausanne, CHUV Sharing experience from the WeCare project: development of a multisensing wearable sensor for the monitoring of sweat biomarkers
16:30 Dr Marttin Peacock Zimmer & Peacock, UK Sweat Lactic Acid Sensing - From Idea to Minimally Viable Product
17:00 Prof Roozbeh Ghaffari Northwestern University, US Advanced wearable microfluidic systems for tracking hydration and nutrition biomarkers
17:30 Prof Neus Sabate ICREA, Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona, ES tba
18:00 Session ends    
09-Nov Molecular Sensors Chair: Dr. Michael Brand
14:00 Dr Can Dincer University of Freiburg CRISPR-powered multiplexed biosensors for point-of-care management of infectious diseases
14:40 Dr Mark O'Connell Somnus Scientific Real-time monitoring of propofol
15:00 Prof Edmond Magner University of Limerick Porous gold supports for applications in drug delivery and sensing
15:40 Break    
  Wearable Sensors Chair: Dr. Michael Pringle
14:00 Prof Tony Cass Imperial College Microneedle Sensor Arrays: Promise, Current Developments and Future Challenges
15:00 Prof Kutay Icoz Abdullah Gül University Respiration Monitoring using a wearable, low-cost, paper based capacitive sensor
15:15 Dr. Saylee Jangam Imperial College Development of a Minimally Invasive Microneedle Biosensor for the Continuous Monitoring of Lactate Concentrations in vivo
17:00     Exhibitor pitches
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10-Nov Infectious Diseases Chair
14:00 Prof Oliver Hayden TUM Diagnostics without logistical barriers
15:40 Break    
16:00 Prof Jonathan Cooper University of Glasgow tba
17:00     Poster presentations
18:00 Session ends    
11-Nov Future Sensors Chair
14:00 Prof Chris van Hoof imec A smart bathroom for early signaling
14:40 Prof Fabiana Arduini University of Rome "Tor Vergata” Electrochemical paper-based (bio)sensors for biomedical applications: how the use of paper radically changes the features of electrochemical devices
15:15 Break    
15:30     Concluding remarks; Competition awards
18:00 Conference ends