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January 2016


From the Editor

A Happy NewYear, if it is not too late to wish you that.

This will be a busy and exciting year for


. Following on from the

success of our first Sensors in Food and Agriculture conference, (and yes, it was

a success!) we are planning to repeat the event in November 2016. We expect

this year to bring together more of our European and US network to focus on

this important sensors application area, which dare we say is slightly neglected

among UK academic researchers.

In addition to SIFAA16, we are at various stages

in planning three other conferences: Sensors in

Cancer Diagnosis; Innovation in Environmental

Monitoring (which will incorporate Sensors in the

Environment 16), and Sensor in Medicine 2016.

So a busy conference year, as well as a number

of improvements we would like to make to this

Newsletter, our network management, not forget-

ting the seemingly unending need to update the


website. I get at least one email a

week from people in Asia telling me how much

they could improve the site, and I’m beginning to

think it may be true.

You will, I hope, have noticed that we have kicked

off 2016 with a redesign of this newsletter Since

we started in 2011, we have changed format sever-

al times, from a one-page email to the 20 or more

pages in a Flipping Book. We’ll keep that format,

as most people seem to like it, but freshen up the

design and layout. Let us know if it works for you, or doesn’t.

Lastly, to return to the weather, a frequent topic here, I hope our US East Coast

readers survived the storm and have “dug out” by the time

of reading this.

Kind regards


Congratulations to




ing his


Chis is now working as

a lecturer at Birkbeck

College, London, but will

continue as a Senior As-

sociate at Captum, and

hopefully will be part of

some of our events in

the future.

Chris Brand